Printing & Finishing

Color selection: it is developed by experienced software engineers dedicated to the professional packaging, with the aim of making the best in the field of flexographic printer.
Digital proofing: color proofing certificate made with the best systems in the packaging (gmg System and Kodak approval).
Polymer digital photos: digital HD resolutions (
Inks: on-line and off-line control by means of tonality values to high accuracy and precision, using the types of inks among the best performing industry leaders.
Print: technologically advanced machines supplied by the leading European manufacturers, which use the latest technologies, ensuring maximum quality and consistency in printing.
Three 8-color Flexographic printing presses:

  • One Fischer&Krecke: 8-color Gearless Machine installed in August 2010 with the innovative smart GPS system operated by the mounter.
  • Two Flexotecnica: 8-color Gearless Machine, one of them installed in January 2010.

Two Laminatings:

  • One Nordmeccanica SuperCombi joints are solvent less, solvent water, laminating and coating in register.
  • One Solvent less laminator.

Two Rofin lasers:

  • One for easy opening or perforation in the sense of carrying the film.
  • The second one installed in 2010 allows through a drawing program to provide the customer with easy opening system that is most suitable to the characteristics required by the customer. It is also possible to realize windows for viewing inside the product.

One Zip Machine Inno – Lock Hudson-Sharp:

  • It is one of three machines in Europe for the application of the front-top zip directly on the roll, which gives the opportunity to the customer to obtain re- closable packaging without substantial modifications on the packaging machines.

Three machines for the application of the Master Label:

  • We can apply to any barrier or not barrier films some personalized re-closable systems according to customer requests.