Technical experts are always at your service for finding the most suitable materials.
The perfect knowledge of all the packaging machines permits always to find the most suitable material for each product.

Warehouse & Shipping:

In order to ensure an excellent level of customer service, Masterpack S.p.a. has adopted a policy for managing the inventory.
This policy allows us to have always the materials needed by the management of safety stock calculated on base of historical analysis of consumption.
The materials are stored in an air-conditioned warehouse to grant a constant temperature to the products.
The warehouse is automatized with a supervision management system, that grants the perfect efficiency in the total absence of operators among the shelves.
Masterpack S.p.a. has set up dedicated vehicles ready for deliveries and to respond to every need of its customers: for Masterpack S.p.a. quality and service come first.

Research & Development:

In an increasingly competitive market, packaging plays an important role to differentiate from competitors and promote its products.
For this reason Masterpack S.p.a. believes in innovation and therefore invests financial resources to continually seek innovative and unique packaging solutions on market.