Pioneer since the late 90’s with pre-applied zips in Europe, Masterpack S.p.a. has just invested on a new Hudson-Sharp Zip lock applying machine to be able to grant an even higher service to his customers.


Together with the now famous pre-applied inno-lock ZIP, Masterpack S.p.a. is proud to announce that we are able to pre-apply on rolls the innovative Aplix reclosable Systems.
ZIP/Aplix PE or PP based reclosable strips, directly sealed at register on rolls. The inno-lock Zip system is available both with acces to the front of the packaging and to the top seal of the packaging.

  • Both pre-applied at register on reels.
  • Available also products packed in modified atmosphere.
  • Added value to the product.
  • Reclosing is granted for unlimited times, even on fat or powdery products.
  • If a Top zip or an Aplix solutions is needed, we can laser per-cut the top seal to acces the system without using any scissors.
  • Aplix/inno-lock Zip system is available both on the full width or on the “corner” configuration.