Masterpack S.p.a. is proud to offer to his customers one of the solutions that after 10 years had probably the most success among our products; paper laminated films, whose success forced us to a constant technological update and the extension of our production capacity, to be able to offer avant-garde solutions and a granted service. Perfect combined with laser scoring to create openings on the packaging to show the product to the consumers.


Laminated films to paper stripes or fully laminated to paper with windows at register.

  • High added value to the packaging, final consumer attraction is guaranteed.
  • Laser scored windows available to be able to show the product.
  • Perfect to valorize BIO lines or any high range products.
  • Available both for monolayer materials or laminates.
  • Available for any kind of material, even compostable ones.
  • Several kinds of papers available.
  • Thanks to the thickness of paper, a decrease of the plastic material inside may be possible.