Thanks to constant investments, thanks to an R&D office constantly trying to improve what is currently on the market and to come out with new solutions, and thanks to more than 10 years of experience, Masterpack S.p.a. boasts about a package of solutions of open/reclosable labels highly at the avant-guard.


The high precision die cutting, and the labels applied at register with accuracy enable the consumer to easily open the packaging without using any scissors, being able then to reclose it.
NEW: available labels applied internally to be able to have an open/reclosable solution on paper laminated films.

  • This system comes pre-applied on reels or pre-formed bags.
  • High barrier labels available for ATM packaging.
  • No modification on the packaging machine is needed, speed is also unchanged.
  • Labels are fully customizable in shape and size, printable also up to 9 colors.
  • Shape of the die cut is customizable.
  • No need to use scissors to open the bag, allowing kids to open the packaging with no danger at all.
  • Reclosing is normally granted up to 20/25 times.
  • Several tamper proofs available.
  • Attractive system on the shelves for the consumer.