Creating a useful and functional packaging is one of our strongest points, and one of our solutions really is both useful and functional; Mastercooking line offers packagings allowing the consumer to cook directly the product both in the microwave oven or the conventional oven.


Films for microwave oven cooking, with laser microperforation or our patented cooking valves.
Our film for conventional oven cooking can stand cooking up to 220° Celsius.

  • High added value to the packaging.
  • Valves are fully customizable and printable up to 8 colors.
  • The pack won’t only work as a “container” but will allow the product to be cooked directly inside of it.
  • Simple and fast cooking.
  • No need to pierce the film.
  • Laser perforations and valves are fully customizable depending on the packed product and the customer’s needs.
  • No modification on the packaging line is required.