Raw material

Only first choice and certified materials. Basical ring for a successful and quality pack building is with no doubt its material.
Masterpack S.p.a. buys its Raw Materials solely from quality certification systems suppliers.
Masterpack S.p.a. has a tracebility System which enables to define for each production lot every single material used and, from that, to its suppliers.
Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, aluminium film, polyamide etc., different materials with different properties and costs.
Laminated with two, three or four layers to enlarge properties on the whole, obtaining the most suitable film for your products and your wrapping machineries.
Oxygen barrier needs, barrier to gasses, light, flavours, high or low temperatures, oils and fats.
These are only some of the possibilities to consider when choosing the material to use.
Masterpack S.p.a. is able to offer free a consulting service to accompany you in the complicated choice of most suitable material for your products up to a test of new materials to satisfy even particolar needs.